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In 1954, we set out to change home baking with the introduction of Jus-Rol – fresh dough rolled up on baking paper. This allowed for quicker prep time, better baking results and simple cleanup. The dough was a hit with our British bakers, and we quickly expanded our products to include puff pastry, pie and pizza crusts. Today, our mission remains the same as we inspire better baking while simplifying the process.

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We understand preparing meals made with good ingredients that please your entire family is nearly impossible. From the prep work involved to the cleanup time required, many question whether it’s worth all the effort. Jus-Rol magically solves this problem by providing delicious meal possibilities without all the toil and trouble. We provide products and resources to help you charm family and friends with impressive dishes and desserts that disappear right before your eyes. Our dough comes rolled on baking paper so all you have to do is unroll it onto a baking tray - no cleanup needed! And our flowpack packaging is lightweight and easy to open so all you have to worry about is what amazing recipe to make.

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With a state-of-the-art facility now open in central Ohio, Jus-Rol is delivering its fresh rolled-dough from coast-to-coast each and every day. Our dough and other bakery products are made right in our US facility using the highest-quality ingredients so they can be shipped fresh to hordes of hungry consumers.

Good Done Well

Jus-Rol is committed to making a difference in consumer baking and in life beyond the kitchen. We are focused on improving the nutritional profile of our products by removing artificial additives and preservatives. We specifically source ingredients that have been grown and harvested through fair-trade practices, and we manufacture with sustainable production processes that minimalize our environmental impact.

Team Testimonials

At Jus-Rol, our business is built around baking, and around those who love to bake. Here are some of our team's favorite things about the recipes and our products.

  • "Every recipe I make reminds me of the innovative and collaborative team that ensures a top-notch product is made every time."

    Dominique, Operations Leader
  • "I love getting creative in the kitchen and enjoying the tasty treats with friends and family!”

    Ginger, Production
  • "Every recipe I try turns out great because of the consistency of the dough. It’s so nice to be able to unroll the dough and have a high-quality product to start with."

    Ryan, Quality Assurance
  • "The dough tastes so good! You don’t even need to add a ton of ingredients. This recipe turned out great and had unique flavor."

    Lesia, Product Innovation/Research & Development
  • “Perfect for pizza night! Delicious every time and the baking paper makes cleanup a breeze.”


    Hilary, Brand Manager
  • “I love making this pizza for my family.  It’s easy to prepare, and I know they will love it.  I just have to keep them from fighting over the last piece.”

    Julia, Marketing

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